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  • SAHEB, MAHMOUD (Information Technology Journal, 2010-10-19)
    This study introduces Overlap-Join which is non-equi self join that joins a table to itself with a non-equal condition for joining. Overlap-Join arises in real word queries that deal with time. Time scheduling and timetabling ...
  • Wohosh, Samer; SAHEB, MAHMOUD (IJBB, 2011)
    Bioinformatics data consists of a huge amount of information due to the large number of sequences, the very high sequences lengths and the daily new additions. This data need to be efficiently accessed for many needs. ...
  • SAHEB, MAHMOUD (Cybrarians Journal,, 2013-12)
    This paper discusses the information security importance in the universities, and highlights the security threats that they are facing, and the reasons that makes the universities facing these threats. The paper discusses ...
  • Arafeh, L.; SAHEB, MAHMOUD; Elaydi, H. (IGU, 2008-12)
  • SAHEB, MAHMOUD (Information Technology Journal, 2013)
    Business process modeling is an important phase of business process management phases. One of the steps needed to enhance a business process model is analyzing the timing and the queuing behavior. Currently Business Process ...
  • Aldasht, M.M.; SAHEB, MAHMOUD; Najjar, I; Tamimi, M.H.; Takruri, T.O. (JATIT, 2010-12)
    Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) provides a mechanism that can achieve efficient exploration for design spaces. Thus, it constitutes an efficient tool for identifying the best alternatives to implement the solution of a certain ...

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